I wanted to write you a hearty “Thank You” for the great job…… I was very please with the results of the online auction.

CLICK HERE to read the full Winship Reference Letter

James Winship

…. Your help was indispensable in putting the auction together, holding the actual auction, and completing the closing on each item sold….

CLICK HERE to read the full Tipton Reference Letter

John Tipton
Waco Founder Lions Club

I want to thank you both and the entire Garner Team for the successful auction that was conducted at my deceased parent’s farm in Frost, TX on May 18, 2019.  Everyone on your entire team did a fantastic job and the auction was completed in the nick of time just as a big storm hit us….

CLICK HERE to read the full Hargrove Reference Letter

Yours truly,
G. Alan Hargrove

My experience with Garner & Associates was more than I could have asked for. They were very personable and considerate of my situation (estate auction). They were interested in the history and significance of the items in the sale to ensure they found a proper buyer. They went above and beyond to get my inventory on their website and my sale announced across multiple platforms in record time. They were present from start to finish and worked hard to help ensure I was getting the best price for my inventory. I would highly recommend them to everyone. Thank you for all that you did to make this auction a success!

Betty Howard
Malone, TX

May 25, 2016
Dear Ronnie;

Thank you so much for the auction last weekend. It was well organized, went swiftly, and everyone was pleased. Me, because my parent’s house and barn were cleared out. My parents had collected so much: tools, furniture, books, etc. Yet your organizers were sensitive to personal items and made sure those were safely tucked away for family.

The buyers each got something they wanted, too, at a bargain price–a collectible, antique, items for resale shops, tools for a business. The event itself was fun for attendees, too.

Again, thank you for your help in this. Your employees were polite to me and the people that attended the auction were nice, too.

Susanne Vaughan

1301 Murrieltown Road
Sonora, KY 42776

Dear Mr. Garner;

Being in Kentucky with a business to run and my mother’s estate in Texas, where I didn’t know anybody, was a stress inducing situation. I was fortunate enough to find Garner & Associates Auctioneers through an online search. Your firm handled all the many, many details of organizing items and taking care of all manners of details to make sure there was a smooth and successful estate auction. You stayed in close contact with me throughout the process, never over promising and going out of your way to deliver more than I expected in taking care of loose ends that I couldn’t do from Kentucky. You have earned my undying gratitude and recommendation for anyone faced with such an overwhelming duty. I feel so fortunate to have found someone so kind, caring and trustworthy to handle the estate, particularly in light of the fact I was 1,800 miles away. Thank you for all you did and going the extra mile!

Rene’ Bell

September 14, 2015

Dear sir,

We would like to extend our thanks to the Garner & Associates Auctioneers in Waco, Texas.

We flew from Mendota, Illinois to Wacao, Texas to get ready for our auction scheduled on August 15th of this year. We arrived on August 13th, not knowing what to expect and very nervous, and found out that everything was properly organized and ready for the auction. What a relief!

The day of the auction was very hot and breezy, 100 degrees plus. It started out as an overwhelming experience watching hundreds of people looking at our personal belongings. Mr. Graner saw us when he arrived. He told us not to worry, leave everything to us, and that everything was going to be alright. I had faith in Mr. Garner and trusted him, everything turned out successfully.

Mr. Garner was so professional during our previous phone calls, and the morning of the auction. He definitely exceeded all of my expectations. Thanks to him and his associated, a very hard job for us was made very easy by them.

Thank you again for doing such an excellent job.

Silveria Stamberger
Mendota, IL 61342

November 3, 2013

Dear Mr. Garner and Staff,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated working with you and your staff on the liquidation of my husband, Wayne Harbour’s, collectibles and treasures, that were left behind when he passed away. It was hard for me to think about having to dispose of so many things that meant the world to him but you helped with the decision and made the journey easier. In fact, I was pleased to meet some of the people who knew Wayne and assured me that the items they purchased were going to a good home and would be put to good use and meant a lot to them because they had belonged to him. I could not help but smile at the man who bought a truck load of different objects and said, “My wife is going to kill me when I get home!” I couldn’t help but think, no she won’t…she will just smile and be glad you had a good day and enjoyed getting some new toys to tinker with…wish my Wayne was still here and I could fuss at him for bringing some of those treasures home!

I don’t know if you know it or not but you and your wonderful staff turned this moment of having to deal with the overwhelming bearable and I thank you for that! I know I had never met you before but you were highly recommended by a special person who left me instructions to contact you when the time came…you guessed it…it was Wayne. Anyway, I think he was looking out for me as he always does and led me in your direction and for that I am grateful.

Job well done Mr. Garner and crew…I was proud to be one of your clients! If you ever need a recommendation please feel free to contact me.

Melody Harbour

August 15, 2013

To: Ronnie Garner and Associates

On 20 July 2013, Garner and Associates held an estate auction to liquidate my mother’s home furnishings and automobile. Mr Garner and his associates demonstrated complete professionalism prior, during, and after the auction. The way in which all items, especially personal items, were handled with care and respect, was truly the mark of a team that cared. I would absolutely recommend Garner and Associates to handle anyone’s estate if the need were to arise. From the beginning discussion to post auction wrap up, the experience could not have been any better in a difficult time.

Mickey R. Page

Viola Irene Clifton Estate

We would like to recommend Garner &Associates Auctioneers for individuals and estates who are planning to hold an auction to liquidate equipment, furniture, antiques and collectibles. They held our loved one’s estate auction in May of 2011. We were very ignorant in the area of estate sales and Ronnie Garner and his employees were very instrumental in educating us about the logistics of the auction process. Their performance in the area of grouping, labeling and set-up of sale was very professional. They were very trust-worthy, pulling out personal items found and returning to family, even to the point of locating a lost set of dishes. The sale items were grouped with skill. Debbie Garner was very knowledgeable about antique and collectible brands that would be purchased by potential buyers. Ronnie hauled off several loads of trash collected during the cleaning out of all cabinets, furniture, closets, and the yard and storage areas during the setup process. He also had a 10 year old truck detailed so exceptionally that it brought over $17,000. The auction was carried out expertly and their expertise in planning and conducting the sale paid off very well – the sale was enjoyed by all participants.

Art Clifton, Executor

Sheila McNiel

April 13, 2011

Dear Garner & Associates,

First of all I would like to say that I really appreciate your understanding and patience during my time of need. Loosing my husband has been very devastating. I never believed that I would get the amount of money that I got. And I know that I would not have been able to without your help and the help of your associates.

I will definitely recommend you and your associates to anyone who is wanting to have an auction. Thank you very much, I know that Mac would be very pleased with how well the auction turned out. Thank you.

Sheila McNiel

Bill Galloway

“Dear Mr. Garner:

I’m pleased to unconditionally recommend Garner and Associates to potential clients. Although my mother’s estate was modest, your team was thoroughly professional in advertising, organizing, and running the auction of the house, auto, and possessions. I feel we were treated to the same effort, care, and personal attention as would be a much larger client.

I was especially impressed with the thoroughness of your sorting, organizing and presenting items for auction. This clearly resulted in the better-than-expected proceeds of the sale by highlighting specific items of likely interest. I was pleasantly surprised with the large turnout of prospective bidders, many clearly “regulars” of your auctions. The presence of a coffee and lunch concession further contributed to maintaining a good crowd throughout the duration of the auction

With appreciation for a job well done,
Bill Gallway

Waco Production Credit Association


I am glad for this opportunity to recommend Ronnie Garner and his associates to you to perform auction sales for both business and individuals needing his service.

I have known Ronnie for about 10 years and he has provided his services for this association and several other central Texas PCAs to liquidate assets. He performs turnkey services of gathering, conditioning, hauling and all other needs to obtain the highest prices obtainable. He has developed excellent advertising and mailing lists to draw buyers from all sections of the state and from adjoining states to assure plenty of action. I have found that his services are very competitive in price and he does what he says he will do. He furnishes complete and detailed accounting and settlement in reasonable time after the sale is complete.

Frank N. Anderson

Ford Motor Credit Company

Mr. Phil Sloan
Ford Motor Credit Co.

Dear Phil:

Having had approximately 10 years experience working for an auctioneer on a part time basis, it did not take long to determine what a good choice Garner & Associates turned out to be.

This very professional group of people had lotted, tagged and made ready for the auction with virtually no help or direction from us.

I was most impressed at the number of serious buyers present during a 40-mile an hour sleet storm in 0º weather. The weather certainly caused any tire kickers to stay home and yet the sale prices were in many cases far above what I would have guessed for the quality of equipment left to be auctioned.

It is my firm opinion that this auctioneer be given every consideration for any future sales including repo equipment which could be consigned through any of his many sales. His “pick up” rate is consistent with industry standards and he does not charge a storage fee for these units. Enclosed is an information folder for your future consideration.

Appreciated the opportunity of working with the San Antonio branch and hope things are leveling out by now. Please let me know if I may be of any further assistance.

Ann McQueary
T&E Finance Specialist

November 28, 1997

Mr. Ronnie Garner
Garner & Associates Auctioneers, Inc.
P.O. Box 23375
Waco, TX 76702

RE: Angomia Auction Agreement

Dear Mr. Garner:

I am send you a copy of the above referenced document for your files. I apologize for the time it has taken to get this to you

First American Bank, SSB would like to thank you for the professional manner in which you and your associates conducted the auction for the Angomias. Not only in regard to the auction day itself, but also during the many days of preparation prior to the auction. What a pleasure it must be to have a business that allows your family to be involved. Taking into consideration the circumstances surround the auction, it was a real pleasure to work with you and your crew members and the courtesies sown to the Angomias was very much appreciated.

Nancy L. Salerno
Credit Administration Dept.

Mr. Ronnie Garner
Garner & Associates Auctioneers, Inc.
P.O. Box 23375
Waco, TX 76702

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to recommend Garner & Associates as a highly processional company who is very efficient with their service. In April, 1990, they conducted an estate auction for personal property which gave the estate a return far greater than we expected. Then in April 1991, we again chose Garner & Associates to sell the real estate in public auction and we were very satisfied with the results.

Garner & Associates professionally advertise, prepare your goods for auction, provide a comfortable arena for the sale, and transact all financial settlement. The staff makes it a pleasure to do business with them. I am please to endorse Garner & Associates.

Peggy Kellough

I want to tell you how very much I appreciated your understanding and patience before, during and after the auction of my late husband, Mark Rawlings. You made me feel like family and I will be forever grateful to each and every one of you. To say I enjoyed the ladies is an understatement.

I believe you went above and beyond and I thank you very much. Everyone on your team should be commended for their hard work and true professionalism.

Glenda Rawlings

“The Garners do a good job and get good results”
Charles E. Wallace
Attorney at Law
Waco, TX

“Garner & Associates is truly a professional organization. Mr. Garner handles auctions with expertise that can only come from years of experience as a qualified auctioneer. Garner & Associates, as known to me has a reputation of honesty and efficiency.”
Kevin Garrision
AVP United Bank of Waco
Waco, TX

“On January 19, 1985, Ronnie liquidated my business including trucks, pickups, heavy equipment, etc. The auction was without reserve and sold for much more money than I expected. We highly recommend Ronnie and his very professional crew.”

Glenn D. Morris
Byford Á Morris
Waco, TX

“I have had the opportunity to use the services of Garner & Associates and found them to be very professional and efficient. I have been especially impressed with their ability to squeeze the highest dollar out of the sale of each item. I would recommend Garner & Associates to any9one considering an auction.

Ray J. Black
Attorney at Law
Waco, TX

Re: Ray Lunday Estate: Sun May 15

Ronnie, I just want to thank you for doing such a good job handling my dad’s auction. From our very first meeting to our parting hand shake I knew we were in good hands. You gave me an estimate of what you thought the items would bring and it was almost right to the penny. Everything was done efficiently and professionally. Every staff member worked so hard to make this a success. Everyone was friendly and a pleasure to work with. Thank you for keeping me updated throughout the weeks before the auction. I would highly recommend your company to anyone.

Thank you once again.

September 14, 2015

Dear sir,

We would like to extend our thanks to the Garner & Associates Auctioneers in Waco, Texas.

We flew from Mendota, Illinois to Wacao, Texas to get ready for our auction scheduled on August 15th of this year. We arrived on August 13th, not knowing what to expect and very nervous, and found out that everything was properly organized and ready for the auction. What a relief!

The day of the auction was very hot and breezy, 100 degrees plus. It started out as an overwhelming experience watching hundreds of people looking at our personal belongings. Mr. Graner saw us when he arrived. He told us not to worry, leave everything to us, and that everything was going to be alright. I had faith in Mr. Garner and trusted him, everything turned out successfully.

Mr. Garner was so professional during our previous phone calls, and the morning of the auction. He definitely exceeded all of my expectations. Thanks to him and his associated, a very hard job for us was made very easy by them.

Thank you again for doing such an excellent job.

Silveria Stamberger
Mendota, IL 61342

January 20, 2015

Dear Ronnie:

As we discussed, I’ve attached our testimonial commending the wonderful job you did for my father and me.

We appreciate it very much.

If you need something in the future with which I may be of help to you, please let me know. I always enjoy our conversations.

Hugh Hood

After my father and I made the decision to close the manufacturing plant we had operated for over 32 years, we contacted and interviewed several well-established professional auction firms across the state of Texas regarding an on-site liquidation sale to be conducted on our premises.

Being businessmen, we were looking for the right combination of expertise, experience, customer service and marketing prowess to allow us not only to liquidate the special combination of plant machinery, raw materials, and manufacturing work-in-process inventory that we still owned, but also to do that disposition in an orderly, timely manner and at a reasonable realized sales price.

With Ronnie Garner & Associates Auctioneers, we believe we found that right combination. Mr. Garner delivers results, and we could not have been more pleased.

From our initial meeting with Ronnie to his follow up over a month after our auction was completed, he conducted himself in a pleasant, ethical and professional manner. He does business under a straightforward 1-page contract, and he does exactly what he says he will do.

From the start, Mr. Garner took the time to explain to us the various ways of advertising an upcoming auction, and gave us his recommendations for the most effective methods for our particular sale, which in our case resulted in his conducting the auction simultaneously on-site and online via the internet.

Moreover, Ronnie Garner & Associates prepares a professional and thorough printed brochure and maintains several large mailing lists of interested buyers who are comfortable buying items in an auction setting. In fact, many of those buyers were in attendance at our auction, which was very well attended.

Despite his having conducted auctions for over 30 years, Mr. Garner respected both our input and our suggestions concerning how certain lots might be grouped or laid out, or how best to present a particular piece of equipment to the auction attendees. We appreciated that tremendously.

By the day of the sale, Ronnie and his team of auctioneers were fully prepared. All aspects of an auction sale, including restrooms, security, buyer registration, payments and load out were covered, and covered well.

Throughout the sale, we were kept aware of how the sale was proceeding financially, and by the end of the sale, Mr. Garner had presented us with a detailed printed statement showing exactly how we had done, which, I must add, bested our expectations. Virtually everything we wanted to sell found a new home, and that is no small feat, I assure you.

In short — Mr. Garner, Thank You Sir!

August 2013

To whom it may concern

Re: Liquidation of farm equipment sale

I would like to thank Garner & Associated for all their hard work. Ronnie did an outstanding job for us,very professional in organizing ,advertising and running our auction.

My Family and I would like to once again thank you and your staff for a wonderful experience from start to finish. And we would be very pleased to endorse Garner & Associated to any one in the future.

The Moser family

May 9, 2012

Testimonial regarding estate of the late William ‘Bill’ Heemsbergen by his wife, Terrie Heemsbergen

Garner Auctions was more than just a positive experience. It was a real “TLC” experience provided me in a difficult situation. After interviewing several Central Texas Auction Companies, I felt very at ease and comfortable with Garner’s, especially Randy Solberg and his brother, Carl. Prior to the auction they both worked hard to prepare, which included cleaning necessary areas outside for a good presentation. They were very considerate of my feelings due to the circumstances of the sale.

Randy kept me informed every step of the way, and was NEVER dishonest or pushy. The day of the auction, all the staff of Garner Auction and Ronnie Garner himself continued the ethical, caring atmosphere Randy had established. Following the auction, I immediately was made aware of the results by Mr. Garner and Randy. However, the experience did not end when the auction was completed that day. Randy continued to provide support, cleanup and other ‘above and beyond’ duties to finish what he started in December.

You will not be disappointed or taken advantage of if you utilize the services of Garner Auction.

Terrie Heemsergen
Troy, TX

Country Fair Confections, Inc.


RE: Liquidation of Country Fair Confections, Inc.

After 17 years of hard work and sacrifice, the turbulence of large national contracts and limited cash flow. Country Fair Confections was no more. We had supplied cotton candy and popcorn to Texaco in single bags and Wal-Mart in truck loads. But the cost of raw goods and labor on penny items was not permissible to continue to do business profitable. We had out grown our ability to scale down and save our company. This was very disheartening and could have been an emotional wreck. My banker suggested that I give Ronnie Garner a call.

Ronnie was very professional but more than that he was very considerate of the situation. He and his wife came in like family and provided not only liquidation support but friendship. It is hard to find people like this in today’s business environment but the Garners are people just like that! He and his team can in and tagged 17 years of accumulation equipment, clean it up and had a sell. I don’t believe there could have been a better experience and I still consider him and his wife friends today.

If you need an auctioneer, Garner and Associates are the team to hire. I would recommend them for any size sell.

Lee Washington
Formerly Founder and President
Country Fair Confections, Inc.

Double L Ranch


We commissioned Ronnie Garner and Associates to liquidate our farm when we moved out of state. We are pleased to report that the auction did about 60% better than we had expected. We feel that this is due largely to the good reputation and hard work of Ronnie Garner and Associates. Every member of Ronnie’s team is friendly, outgoing, and professional. They did an outstanding job for us and we give them our highest recommendation.

Lyle Ahrens

City of Longview Texas

“Dear Mr. Garner,

Thank you for your recent service to the City of Longview. The Auction you conducted was an outstanding success. It went smoothly and was professionally conducted. The proceeds were more than we expected and were well managed. I attribute that to your excellent advertising and active buyer lists.

I was particularly impressed by your mechanic. He was able to prepare vehicles for sale in a short period with the minimum of expense to the City. His ideas to move working parts from one vehicle to another to maximize the number of operative units was brilliant.

My compliments to your office staff, also. I found them to be courteous and efficient. We appreciate the professional manner in which they conducted the collections and title transfers.

Having had the opportunity to be involved in City Auction for five years now I can say that this was a well run affair as we have experienced. The price was very competitive also. Seldom do you find that you receive such quality service at a reasonable price.

I welcome the opportunity to recommend your firm to anyone you choose to refer. Thank you again.

Robert S. Foster
Purchasing Manager
City of Longview”

Estate Auction, Houston TX

“Ronnie Garner, Scott Swenson, Ronnie Garner, Jr., Mark & Associates:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent work that you did at the auction for my family on May 26th.

The sudden death of our father has been an extremely difficult situation for my family. The liquidation of our father’s estate was an event that we were dreading due to the sentimental value that each of placed on the different objects.

Each of you in different ways made this event much easier to endure. I know that while you were there to make a commission each of you were also concerned with the family’s emotional well being. We were never made to feel as if our presence during the auction was an annoyance or a hindrance to the proceedings.

We were all extremely satisfied with the outcome and with your performance. We will tell anyone who asks of your professionalism and caring.

If any of you ever find yourself in Houston, look me up. I’m in the book and would like to repay the kindness which you showed to me and to my family.

Thanks again,
Lisa Rigby

Scovil Cattle Company


Ronnie Garner & Associates, Inc. was used to liquidate our ranch equipment at public auction on February 29, 1992. I have known Ronnie for over twenty years and have personal knowledge of his professional ethics and personal integrity. When we decided to liquidate our ranch equipment, I immediately contacted Ronnie for his advice and guidance. Ronnie came to the ranch and recommended several alternatives for liquidating our equipment. In the end, we relied totally upon Ronnie’s professional expertise and, as a result, were happy we did. The liquidation sale proved much more successful than we had anticipated. I contribute that success to Ronnie’s initiative and professional abilities.

I personally recommend Ronnie Garner as sales manager and auctioneer to anyone needing these services. I am certain that others will find Ronnie to be as sincere and dedicated to his profession as we did.

Larry Scott
Scovil Cattle Company”

September 6, 1993

Mr. Ronnie Garner, President
Garner and Associates
P.O. Box 23375
Waco, Texas 76702

Dear Ronnie,

Ray and I would like to say thank you to you and your crew that worked so hard on our auction. We never regretted on minute selecting you and your company. We received several compliments that day on how the auction was handled and advertised. You helped us reach another step in our long journey and we than you very much for that.

We do appreciate the letter that you mailed to E. K., our banker, that meant a lot to Ray. Ray is still working the long hours, but with the help of our three children we will make it. Ray has gotten his corn out, with the help of many good neighbors, some we did not know that we had.

Thank you again for all that you did for us and if you are ever near Milford or Italy, please drop by and see us.

Yours truly,
Ray and Barbara Loveless

April 19, 1990

Mr. Ronnie Garner
Garner and Associates
P.O. Box 23375
Waco, Texas 76702

Dear Ronnie,
I would like to thank you, as well as your entire staff, for the professional manner in which you conducted our recent auction. Everyone that I dealt with in your company conducted themselves in a professional manner and all were very concerned with the success of our sale.

Please feel free to use me as personal reference and, again, thanks for a job well done.

Yours truly,
Jerry Crawford

Young’s Electrical Contracting

To Whom It May Concern:

Garner and Associates conducted an auction for us on September 18thand 19th, 1987. We were more than pleased with the businesslike way this auction was carried out. Their personnel were very professionally and helpful. They showed every interest in having the auction conducted to our best interests. They were courteous, helpful and most of all productive. There was a good turnout for the auction and we were pleased with the final results of the auction. We interviewed several auctioneers prior to signing a contract with Garner and we were not disappointed. We did not know them prior to the auction but now feel they are personnel friends as well as business friends.

Jack Young
Jonne P. Young

“From the date of signing the contract I was impressed with Ronnie’s professional manner. His auction expertise made what could have been stressful, rather pleasant. I do not hesitate the recommend Garner & Associates.”

James B. Mauk
Bella Vista, AK
formerly of Temple, TX

“Ronnie Garner has conducted two auction sales for McLennan County and will soon do a third one. He has been well worth his fee several times over.”

Ralph H. White P.E.
McLennan County Engineer
Waco, TX

“We were very please with the outcome of our auction. It was handled very professionally.”

Dennis Green
Vice President
Temple Bank
Temple, TX

“Mr. Garner was excellent to work with and helpmed me from the Airport.  Met me and drove me out to the truck I had purchased.  I am so please with my purchase.  Couldn’t be happier.”

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